Robin Hood vs. Mr Trickle Down

Last night’s debate was supposed to be about foreign policy- but the first 30 minutes were spent on the economy. We observed 2 very different philosophies:

First Mr. Trickle Down (John McCain):

McCain wants tax breaks across the board- from the rich to the “barley making it”. The idea is tax breaks for the rich will translate to more investments- and tax breaks for the “barley making it” means more money at the end of the month. In other words- the rich invest- expand business which creates more jobs for the middle class.

Second Robin Hood: (Barack Obama)

Obama wants more tax on the rich. This extra tax on the rich will be redistributed to those not so rich- and also be used to fund government programs to address the energy crisis- economy- health care etc, etc…

The reality:

What I’ve seen these past few days with The Trickle Down approach is- with the help of the government- the rich abuse their power- become even more greedy- and eventually bankrupt Wallstreet.

What I’ve seen of the Robin Hood approach in the 40 odd years I’ve lived is: government grows- regulation on businesses increase- and the economy suffers. I remember when Bill Clinton proposed a similar plan to increase taxes on the rich- but what happened was- in an overnight session President Clinton redefined “rich” and a good portion of the middle class Americans woke to find their taxes had also increased.


There are aspects of both I don’t like. Giving greedy men control over the economy without being regulated is like making a drunk a bartender. But on the flip side- taking from the rich to give to the poor- just doesn’t seem right either. I mean whats the point of working hard to succeed only to have 50% taken from you and given to someone else?


2 Responses to “Robin Hood vs. Mr Trickle Down”

  1. Exactly….we’re f@$&ed. They’re both losers.

  2. ROFL.. Pretty much!! til l8er

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