Got Gas

CNN — Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy: An estimated three-fourths of gas stations in the Nashville, Tennessee, area ran dry Friday, victim of an apparent rumor that the city was running out of gas

Officials said panic regarding a rumor of a lack of gas caused customers to to rush to the pumps.

“Everybody has just gone nuts,” said Mike Williams, executive director of the Tennessee Petroleum Council.

He said he has no idea about the origin of a rumor that there was going to be no gas in Nashville. One reporter called him, saying she had heard that Nashville would be without gas within the hour, he said.

Hearing the rumor, drivers rushed to fill their cars and trucks.

CNN called 13 Nashville gas stations at random. Only two reported having gas, and one said it was almost out. The stations said they were being told they would not get more until Monday or Tuesday.

Nashville pumps dry after panic about rumor of no gas –

Where have I been? I’ve been waiting in line to get gas- not to top it off- but I really needed gas. This is like a flashback to the 70’s- only worse. At least then you knew what day you could refuel your car. Now it’s just plain chaos. People have lost their minds.


One Response to “Got Gas”

  1. OMGEEZ!! Rumors!! That’s how shit get’s started!! And YES, I have been waiting in line’s for REAL for gas cause of the damn Hurricane Ike!! (Houston, Tx.) And I do remember the 70’s when you could only get gas by your license Plate Number on certain day’s of the week… And YOUR right ppl are going whacky!! Why I wonder?? til l8er

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