Trying Days These Are

This past Friday one of the worst train wrecks in California’s history left 25 dead. Later that same day- during the drive home- customers began lining up at gas pumps across the nation fearing shortages caused by hurricane Ike that hit Texas late Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday saw floods in the mid west as the cost of gas spiked all over the nation with many stations running completely out. Monday- Wall Street was ROCKED after two of the biggest names in the financial world went belly up. Oh yea- Oil is down $4 a barrel- but you can’t get any- and AND- if that’s not enough- there’s a dang full moon tonight.

All we need now is for a UFO to land in front of the Capital.

I got a suggestion- why don’t we all just sleep in tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Trying Days These Are”

  1. Oh that I could sleep in once. Hope you can.

  2. ROFL.. We are back!! I did hear about that Train Wreck..Awful! And I know about the damn Wall Street falling…We LOST big time also.. Damn!! And right now I would LOVE to see a UFO land, maybe that should be on my Bucket list!! We just gotten our power back on this morning so YES, YES, YES I will sleep in the morning!! OMGEEZ!! til l8er

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