McCain and Obama: Now What’d They Say

As I watch the Presidential candidates I am reminded of a couple of things:

Once I had to replace a leaky water pipe so I visited the local small town hardware store. In the back were 4 or 5 gray haired men sitting in old wooden chairs- sort of in a circle- some whittling- some drinking cola. Anyway- I brought the old pipe with me to make sure I got the exact type and size. When I walked up- they stopped what they were doing.

“Can I help you son” one of them asked.

“Yes sir- I need a pipe like this.” I held out the short piece of rusty iron pipe for him to see.

“Sorry son- I can’t help you” he replied as he nudged the fella next to him.

“Dang- I reckon I’ll have to go….”

He interrupted me and said, “Nope I don’t have a pipe like that…all of our pipes are new”.

They all laughed and slapped their knees-and for some odd reason I felt privileged to have been their afternoon’s entertainment.

The second situation had to do with my first car purchase- and to this day I couldn’t tell you what I paid for it. I was told so many numbers, I felt like I was at a bingo game. All I remember was how smooth and eloquent my salesman was- man he was good. He smelled like a million bucks, he dressed real nice- and he had the kind of voice that was made for radio. There was something about him that was almost hypnotic. When I drove off the lot in a station wagon, my 18 year old mind didn’t have clue what had just happened.

McCain is like the one of the old guys down at the Hardware Store- few words and rough around the edges. Obama is like a car or insurance salesman- smooth as silk and very persuasive. Somehow though, you get the feeling that they’re both setting you up. The questions is- at what cost?

I’m not sure who I’ll vote for- but like a skunk in my neighbor’s yard- they both make me kinda nervous.


4 Responses to “McCain and Obama: Now What’d They Say”

  1. Amen to that! But I can sure tell you that, over the ignorant car salesman, I’d vote for the old hardware store guy all day long.

  2. Kudos for catharsis! I truly admire the candor with which you write.

    I appreciate the way youresist the urge to self-censor or second-guess yourself, and just go whatever muse is moving you at the moment —because that is what makes this blog fun to read.

    Your first sentence grabbed my interest and your last sentence made me glad I stuck around until the end.

    Looking forward to more.

    PS: Wanna buy a used car?

  3. wavemaker2 Says:

    Thank you for coagulating my exact thoughts!

    The Doomster

  4. wavemaker2 Says:

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know I will not be back.. I will miss your blogger and writing.. You have helped me alot.. Thank’s for that.. The reason why is the grammer nazi.. When my husband and I started this blogger it was fun and interesting.. But because of this grammer nazi he is REALLY scarring me.. To the point where I can’t even write any longer without him/her putting me down.. Keep up the GREAT work.. Not til l8er

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