First Item for My Junk Drawer

OK here goes my first blog entry. Lets see….hmmm… Alright now here we go….

I got nothing. DANG.

I can’t think of squat to write. It’s like when someone breaks out a movie camera and everyone gets real still and doesn’t say anything, or when someone pulls out a regular “still” camera and everyone starts making dumb faces, jumping around and laughing…it’s like that except in this case- it’s my brain thats acting all shy and stupid….. Uh, more to come. I hope.


6 Responses to “First Item for My Junk Drawer”

  1. I know the feeling. that’s sort of how my first entry looked like too.

  2. Congratulations, guy. Off to a blistering start with the new blog.

  3. wavemaker2 Says:

    LOL… Yea, I know what ya mean.. It’s called CRS! (Can’t Remember Shit)..LOL But when you can talk about anything. The Olympic’s are hot right now. Your Family, Friend’s. Are just ask question’s.. Come visit mine!! til l8er

  4. wavemaker2 Says:

    LOL!! Here I am again… go to YOUR My Comments on YOUR Dashboard and than click on me and that will send you to mine.. Hope to hear from you soon… til l8er

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